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Kinesiology Sessions

Distance Sessions

  • 1 h 15 min
  • 165 Australian dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Energy is Timeless, Boundless, Space-less and One We are all made up of energy which is vibrating at different frequencies - healing is a matter of balancing that energy. When working with pure energy and not with the physical form we are able to operate outside normal limitations which allows us to work with someone who is physically distant. Distance sessions work on the premise that our energy systems are accessible from any distance, as such my clients are based all over the world. I have worked with a wide variety of issues by distance including working with physical injuries and clearing pain. Muscle testing from a distance has consistently shown to be just as accurate in achieving powerful transformations as f2f sessions. During a distance session I use my own muscles to test what the imbalance is and how the body would like to correct, this is the same procedure I would use with a f2f client who is too unwell to get on the table, a baby/small child or pet. During distance sessions we use the same techniques and strategies that we do during f2f sessions. How do f2f and distance sessions compare? The experience will be different but the efficacy and transformation the same. Some who've experienced both feel distance sessions are more powerful as the physical body is out the way and we are working directly with energy. Remote sessions are available worldwide via computer or phone. I am flexible in my bookings to accomodate all timezones. A session generally lasts up to 90 minutes and most sessions will have some follow us strategies and home reinforcement work to practice afterward. "The difference between your dreams and reality is called action"

Contact Details

+61 449 290 250

Bunbury WA, Australia

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