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Empower your Inner Healer

  • Bunbury

Service Description

"The Setting Up of Mindfulness." Join me for this four week series where you will learn how to develop and cultivate a practice which holistically supports living a life of health, happiness and connectivity. Benefits of Mindfulness Practice: Deepens calm Releases stress, tension & reactivity Reduces anxiety, depression & distress Develops clarity & insight Helps you stay in the present Improves memory & focus Improves resilience Improves sleep quality Develops more kindness for self and others Cultivates healthier relationships Empowers your inner healer Promotes living a more harmonious, peaceful life Traditional mindfulness as taught in these classes was a central teaching of Buddha. It is an active practice which empowers peace, goodwill and compassion. Having a practice becomes like a refuge, it supports and strengthens our own inner healer. ***** Your Facilitator ***** Melinda Tupling has practiced Mindfulness for over 15 years, she has taught in schools and most recently where she lived and volunteered for nearly two years at a Buddhist centre. At the centre Melinda worked closely with her teacher supporting the transmission of the wisdom teachings through online and in person retreats and workshops. This class will be offered both online via Zoom and in person at Hot Yoga Bunbury on Monday nights from 7pm -8:30pm. The exchange for the 4 weeks is $80 (waged) $60 (unwaged) Please email to register your interest at: ***** Testimonials ***** "The lineage of the mindfulness teachings that Melinda shares is ancient and worldly - yet relevant and modern. They encourage both emotional and spiritual growth by paying attention to the body’s processes. Mindfulness has taught me that I am not alone in how I feel and think. It has taken the personal out of my challenges which has allowed me to see things with objectivity and from a calmer view. Melinda is a supportive and compassionate teacher and I value her perspective." Karen "I have been following Melinda's mindfulness lessons and meditations online for a few months and from time to time for some years and find her explanations & details really interesting and enjoyable. The practice has reduced my anxiety & stress, it gives me peace from constant worry about my chronic pain & in a short time I noticed my days were more peaceful & happy. When my mind is more peaceful I noticed my body began to recover and feel more energised, capable/mobile & present." Rachel

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  • Bunbury WA, Australia

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