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I had performed on stage since I was a young with no troubles, then after a time of taking too much on and life being full of all sorts of stresses at that time stopped performing and doing music altogether for years.

I gradually started writing songs again but DREADED getting up on stage again, it was a bit of an issue as I had all these songs ready to go but too terrified to perform.

I had kinesiology with Melinda about it, which was a calm and relaxing lay down while she was doing the treatment and at the end I felt refreshed and subtly more grounded.

 Shortly afterwards I said yes to a big show and got through without any trauma, with focus and enthusiasm, more shows flowed on from that with no troubles at all.

I forgot I had such gripping fears of being on stage until it was mentioned it a short time later. A few friends that I had told about my sheer panic at the thought of performing live commented that I didn’t seem nervous at all on stage, I was thinking ’nervous?’ Oh yeah that, the crippling dread!’ It felt like those feeling belonged in the past to someone else and I was just my real self doing what I loved again.

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