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Carolyn's Story

Over the past few years I've had some serious health issues come up and it's required me to undergo surgery and other medical treatments. During this time I have also been supporting my health and recovery with kinesiology and more recently naturopathy.

I feel very fortunate, my mood has remained bouyant and optimistic for the most part. After a long road my blood results and kidney function are both improving. I am grateful to have found this combination of holistic therapies which are certainly supporting my overall health and wellbeing in conjunction with the medical treatment I am having.

Interestingly, I was recently interviewed by a professor who is researching more into this rare condition, he was particularly interested in my case as I'm not expressing most of the symptoms others who have the same disease suffer from.

Gratitude to Melinda for being on this healing journey with me, the regular kinesiology sessions have helped me a lot!

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