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Alison's Story

From the moment Melinda greets you, she has a very warm, calm, no rush, friendly manner which continues throughout the session.

I visited Melinda as I was having trouble talking about my late husband without many tears. He had been battling Leukaemia for some years.  I still have tears and will for years I’d imagine, but I couldn’t even mention his name without my eyes welling up, then a flood of tears.


After the first session I came away felling “different”, but I couldn’t explain the feeling to anyone other than different, but somewhat more peaceful. I even went to lunch with friends of my late husband, and yes, there were tears, but nothing like before.

The follow up session also left me with this “new” feeling. In the meantime I had decided to go to Busselton for a few days, something I had thought of, but couldn’t do.


On the drive to Busselton, by myself, I realised maybe I had confidence, something I hadn’t had for many years. I found this very calming for some reason. Maybe accepting I can do something like this by myself.


Melinda phoned a few days after each session to enquire how I was going, which I found thoughtful.

Maybe the “feelings” I had was confidence and it helped me to cope with the loss. If you are looking for a Kinesiologist, I would highly recommend Melinda.

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