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Zoe's Story

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I experienced pretty much every unpleasant side effect during my pregnancy, the worst thing though was debilitating migraines.
Starting around the second trimester I suffered from migraines constantly, I would be lucky if I had a two week break. The migraines were a horrendous a helmet of throbbing, immense pain that would start from the base of my neck, squeeze my skull and an intense stabbing in my temples and behind my eyes. I had constant nausea, vomiting and would break out in fever-like sweats. I  experienced physical shaking, blurred vision and would be left with floaters in my eyes which I was advised was from burst blood vessels. I went to hospital at one stage as it was so severe they wanted to make sure I didn't have something seriously wrong. Sometimes this would last for multiple days.

I couldn't work, drive, read or do anything except lie in bed with an eye mask and cool/hot compress, crying and hope it would pass.
I had tried everything. After distance kinesiology with Melinda, I haven't had a migraine. Not one. That was months ago! I cannot tell you how grateful, relieved, over the moon and happy I am! It has changed my entire world and has made me be able to focus better on the more pleasant and exciting aspects of my pregnancy.

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