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Life Empowering Kinesiologist, Mindfulness Coach & Women's Wellness Advocate


Melinda Tupling is a multi disciplinary energetic medicine practitioner who has spent many years training and working alongside respected teachers and practitioners and is the founder of Happy and Well Kinesiology.

Happy and Well Kinesiology came into being after Melinda graduated from her studies at O'Neill's Kinesiology College in 2020. After this she moved to the south-west and  lived in a care-taking role and support to Chime Shore, Dharma teacher of over 50 years.


While dedicating her time Melinda also deepened her practice and began teaching Mindfulness more regularly. Often at the end of formal practice the Buddhist prayer: "May all that live be well, be happy, peace to all the world" is offered and this was the inspiration for her choosing the business name Happy and Well Kinesiology.


Happy and Well Kinesiology is now located in Bunbury though her friendship with the Origins Centre remains active and engaged .

In her practice Melinda uses a combination of Ancient Eastern healing philosophies along with cutting edge Western physiological science to help bring about optimal health and long-lasting change to her clients lives in a short amount of time.

Using Energetic, Functional and Quantum kinesiology techniques along with a mindfulness based, trauma informed approach Melinda holds 1:1 Kinesiology sessions in person and by distance.


Melinda also facilitates Mindfulness classes, events and retreats always with the intention of supporting her clients naturally and holistically to live happy, healthy, connected and empowered lives.

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